The Domino Universe

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I have always been fascinated by timelines and by the immense age of our universe. I came up with a metaphor that would hopefully show just how old everything is.

The idea was simple, make a row of dominoes, with each one representing 1 million years, and narrate the history of the universe as they fall - from the big bang to modern day.

The problem with my idea was that it would take 13,799 dominoes. More dominoes than any individual should ever have to deal with in a lifetime. But, I’m committed to good ideas.

I first did a ‘trial run’ of 2000 dominoes at Science world:

I was so fortunate to have two friends help me out with this project, and to be able to do it at Science World, but KEVA planks aren’t really made to use as dominoes - they fall over really easily, and Science World (lucky for you) isn’t closed long enough for me to make a longer version of this.

So, I did the only sensible thing I could: I made 13,799 dominoes by hand.

The dominoes I made weren’t ideal. They could only stand upright on one specific side, and they were rough on the sides, which meant that they fell slowly. Also, since they weren’t perfectly uniform I couldn’t use a machine to set them up.

So I set them up myself by hand.

I have no idea how many times I practiced that script, and still I had a sleepless night before filming this video. Hoping those dominoes were all waiting for me in the warehouse when I went out there, hoping none of them had fallen prematurely, and hoping that I could narrate everything without a hitch.

So, here it is, the #DominoUniverse:


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