Sir Stabbington the Robotic Cactus

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In March 2018 I asked the internet to name a cactus, then I took newly-named Sir Stabbington the cactus and hooked him up to a machine that the internet controlled, and I didn’t water him again for four months. The internet waters this cactus. The cactus-machine works like this: every time someone subscribes to my YouTube channel, Sir Stabbington rides a motorized gondola across my desk, and a solenoid valve drops a single drop of water on him.

That’s what has been keeping him alive since March 2018.

I watered him once in July 2018 when he fell off of the gondola that I built for him and I had to repot him. I also watered him in October 2018 because brought him on a 200km road trip and sealed myself in a jar with him, and I didn’t bring his life-support system along with me. Miraculously, you’ve all managed to keep him alive. look at how he's grown:

stabbington young stabbington old

The original plan was to have a permanent live-stream where people could watch themself subscribe, but it turns out that setting up a reliable feed that is high-enough quality that you can see a single drop - that’s really hard to do. I went through the process of setting up a RaspberryPi computer just to have a livestream, and then eventually scrapped the whole idea of a livestream all together.

Now I periodically show updates from Sir Stabbington, he joins me in videos sometimes, and he has become the spokesperson (er, spokes-being?) for my Patreon page. He does thank my patrons every hour on the hour, on a little screen, and every month he gets a drop of water from each of them.


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