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I believe that a more science-literate world is a better world, and that getting there will require compassion and imagination.

Here are some videos I've made with that in mind:

I spent 28 hours with a pendulum so you could watch the world turn. For more, Click Here

I spent 24 hours without touching plastic. Well, I tried.

I ran a marathon-long timeline of human history. For more, Click Here

I sealed myself in an air-tight DIY biodome. For more on #KurtisInAJar, Click Here

I built the #DominoUniverse, a timeline of everything in 13799 handmade dominoes. For more, Click Here

stabbington and kurtis
I made a robotic cactus that gets watered with a single drop each time someone new subscribes to my YouTube channel. For more, Click Here

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